Which Shirt to Choose?

embroidered-logoIf you have been considering getting corporate attire of uniforms for you staff, then you may have been faced with decisions, decisions. Polo shirts, t shirts, jumpers, V necks, round necks, long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves – the offerings are extensive and the choices vast. So how do you decide what your company needs, and is there really a difference?

Polo shirts and t shirts are very different. Essentially, the physical variations aren’t that great, but the image you portray of your company, brand or product can be influenced by a simple choice in tailoring. While t-shirts are casual, polo shirts can be both smart and casual. The material used can suggest casual comfort, yet the collar can smarten up any uniform. There are many companies that currently use our embroidered clothing, including taxi firms, school, sports clubs and more.

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